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October 1st, 2011: 
I want to talk about Pottermore, because it is pretty fricken cool when it actually works.

In early August, I "got in" by finding the magic quill with #4 Grimmauld Place (that's the question I had to answer). However, I never got my e-mail that I was in for beta testing until about a week ago. I was pretty annoyed about how long I had to wait, since it's opening to the public in October ... which it is now... and I only got in a week before.

 Anyway, the whole Pottermore experience IS pretty amazing. Basically, you go through every chapter of every book, and there are a few interactive scenes for each one of them where you can find hidden things, read about loads of extra stuff that was and wasn't in the books, and in special instances, do your shopping, get your wand, get sorted, and make potions.

Getting my wand was the first pretty exciting thing to happen. You have to answer a series of questions that you have no idea what they have to do with anything lol, and then Ollivander presents you with your wand. I got an 11 inch wand made of Beech Wood with a Phoenix core, brittle.

The next exciting thing is getting sorted into your Hogwarts House! I wanted/expected to be in Ravenclaw, and was absolutely terrified of being in Hufflepuff, ha. There were another set of questions that would put you in your house. I've taken loads of 'sorting' surveys on the internet before, and it's usually pretty obvious which answers lead to which houses. They weren't so obvious this time, and some of the questions had 4 choices while some had 6 and some only had 2, so I really had no idea where I was going to end up! But I did end up getting into Ravenclaw, so it must be my true house. :)

Once you're sorted, there are a lot more things to collect in each scene - galleons and spell books and potions ingredients mostly. Making potions is pretty cool but I'm still horrible at it. You can also learn new spells through different spell books and duel other 'witches and wizards'. And everything you do gains you house points.

So yeah. Pottermore is pretty fantastic in my opinion, except for the fact that I can't log in half the time because the server is too busy. I'm sure that problem will be fixed soon enough. Oh, by the way, my user name is OakSpell138, so add me as a friend if you're in too!

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